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Product Description

Wide City Bags have their own belt so you wear them around your waist. This is very convenient. You don't have to worry if you have forgotten to pick up your bag at the last restaurant or left it on the airplane. It is safely attached to you. It is always there, ready to use.

Many of my customers think of this as the perfect travel bag. There are so many things to worry about on the road. Your vital documents and cash shouldn't be one of them. This bag saves you from misplacing your essentials or loosing them to theft. Thieves would have a difficult time trying to undo the small solid brass buckle. Almost all commercial fanny packs are attached by a black plastic snap closure. These are prone to breakage and are easy prey for thieves. The buckle style that I use will never break and would take noticeable tugging for a thief to get to get it unfastened.

City Bags and Belt bags are not just for travel. I have a jeweler friend that wears his "SMALL BELT BAG" all the time and even uses it threaded through his loops to hold up his pants. It makes the perfect exhibitor's pouch so you don't have to have a vulnerable to the public cash box.

I find that almost everyone can find a useful application for one of these bags.

After making many different designs over the years, I've come up with four different styles, one of which will probably suit your needs.

Two flat styles that I call "CITY BAGS" lay close to the body, don't stand out as far as most fanny packs and have a much more tailored look. Both of these styles have two zippered pockets. The top pocket goes all the way to the bottom of the bag. The middle zipper pocket is separate from the other pocket and also goes all the way to the bottom of the bag. The CITY BAGS come in a TALL CITY BAG and a WIDE CITY BAG. The WIDE CITY BAG is a little larger and a little easier to get into.

The two other sizes are the SMALL BELT BAG and the LARGE BELT BAG. Each of these have a gusseted main compartment with a divider and a front zippered pocket. These bags hold more volume because of the gusset. These have a more traditional look.

The TALL CITY BAG, SMALL BELT BAG, and LARGE BELT BAG are pictured on other pages that can be accessed by clicking on the left button labeled "BAGS WORN AROUND THE WAIST".


The four styles of belt bags are constructed of our softee cowhide. This leather has a very drapy, soothing feel. Touching this leather is a tranquil experience. The nude finish allows the full grain to be seen in its true natural beauty.

We use a scotch guard like spray on it to help protect it from stains and water spots without ruining the wonderful touch of the leather.

The aniline dye penetrates the leather throughout. This means that if you skuff or scratch the bag, no undyed color will be exposed beneath the grain.

One of the best things about the softee cowhide is its light weight. This makes the belt bags very comfortable and easy to carry.

When you order one of these bags from me, use a tape measure to determine the proper snugness. I will make that the center hole with two adjustment holes on either side. DON'T USE YOUR PANT SIZE! MOST PEOPLE WEAR THE BAG LOOSER THAN THAT.

The WIDE CITY BAG pictured above is 8" tall x 9.75" wide x flat depth with about 1.75" of expansion.