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Product Description

The Roman Knot Belt has a very sophisticated but natural look. It is unencumbered by metal findings. You will never have to match this belt's hardware to your jewelry, buttons or other accessories because it is all leather--no buckle. This allows you the freedom to wear it with whatever ensemble you desire.

It looks very nice when you wear it over a loose blouse or use it to cover the waistband of a skirt. It can be slung over the hip or worn tight on the waist. It is 1.5" wide so it can also be worn in many pant loops.

Cut from full grain supple bridle leather, it will still be attractive after knotting hundreds of times.

It's disadvantage is that you must tie the knot yourself. I will include a line drawing of the knot so you have something to go by. If you have trouble tying knots---do not buy this belt. I find most people pick it up after the second or third try. I recommend you tie it five times in a row. This was a learning tool I was taught in the Boy Scouts 40 years ago. Almost everyone that will take the time to practice a knot five consecutive times will be able to tie that knot the rest of their life.

To tell me the size you want, put a tape measure around yourself and pull it to the snugness that you would most usually wear. Or you can just tell me your typical pant waist size plus 2 inches if you are planning on principally wearing it in belt loops. I will size the belt so you can pull it 2 inches shorter and you will also be able to wear it several inches longer.