Click to enlarge"Paperfold" bag
Easy access front and back pockets.
Larger center area reached by button.
Strap length allows your elbow to have
  easy control of bag's movement.

The "PAPERFOLD" bag has an uncomplicated, feminine look to it. Best of all, it functions very nicely. There are easy access front and back pockets into which you can drop your keys, glasses, comb or cell phone. You can reach easily into these pockets to retrieve these items without having to undo the button. The center area is accessed by a leather button tab that is constructed to work easily. The bag has no zippers or other hardware to diminish its natural look. The larger center area will hold a big billfold and other assorted items.

Click on the small picture to see how the pockets work.

Like most of our soft bags, the paperfold bag is constructed of our softee cowhide. It has a very drapy, soothing feel. Touching this leather is a tranquil experience. The nude finish allows the full grain to be seen in its true natural beauty. We use a Scotchgard like spray on it to help protect it from stains and water spots without ruining the wonderful touch of the leather.

The aniline dye penetrates the leather throughout. This means that if you scuff or scratch the bag, no uneven color will be exposed beneath the grain.

One of the best things about the softee cowhide is its light weight. This makes softee bags very comfortable and easy to carry.

The name "paperfold" comes from some design playtime using index cards, scotch tape, and a pair of scissors This playtime turned into a bag that I've been making for many years and whose ageless style just seems to grow in popularity.

Paperfold Size; 2"D x 10"W x Bottom to Top of Storage Area, 10" x Bottom to Top of Strap, 22"H

All colors are available.

Large Paperfold Size; 2.75"D x 14"W x Bottom to Top of Storage Area, 14" x Bottom to Top of Strap, 29"H.

The leather color pictured above is brandy and the small inset picture is 2-tone, brandy hornback w/softee black. Both pictures are slightly overexposed and usually the true color of the brandy and brandy hornback is a little darker. Your monitor probably has a little different color than mine. Just remember, if you don't like the color when you receive it, return it and receive its full purchase price in return.

Paperfold PF$249.00Regular Size or Large Size:  Colors: 
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