Marbled with Turquoise Background, Special Order Unless We Have In Stock, VERY MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE

Here are some things to know about our marbled products.

We cut each individual leather piece bigger because it shrinks a little during the marbling. Each piece of the same bag is dyed with a fabric dye for the background and then individually marbled in a unique color bath so all of the leather pieces have similar colors in the same bag. We put two clear coats of acrylic over the finished marbling so it does not pick up dirt and oils easily. We then recut every piece and construct the bag.

There are only a few individuals and companies in the whole world that marble on leather. Ours is comparable to the best Italian work and probably more durable than almost anyone's work. We've experimented extensively with different types of leather and finishes and adjust the PH of each marbled piece so the colors chemically bond and do not just sit on the surface.

Yes, you will scuff or mar the color or the corners with years of use. It is not indestructible. But if you show it a little respect, you will have a beautiful, individual piece for a long, long, time.

Every bag or belt is different depending on the colors added and the strokes of the combs in each bath. You can order three different backgrounds but not the individual colors that make up the peacock pattern. Click on the "MARBLED LEATHER" link in the list on the left of this page for more examples of marbling and items you can order today.

You can order by phone or you can use the shopping cart. Give me a call, I am happy to answer your questions. 254-780-2135 or e-mail