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Barbara and I traveled with this bag for many years. It is very functional for full day outings. We use it as our main bag when we work an art show. It holds bunches of stuff, is totally durable, and is made of better leather than almost any other backpack on the market. Check out the small inset picture. That is Barbara wearing an 8 year old pack in front of the United Nations building in Manhattan.

This pack has a top flap that is closed with a harness button. Underneath the flap is a draw tight leather top that is very secure from prying hands.

The front pocket and the top flap are opened by using the harness buttons on the flap---not the buckles. The buckles are only rarely used to adjust the depth of the pocket and main compartment in case you stuff it to the max.

In between the front pocket and the main bag is an easy access pocket. Put your keys, cell phone, glasses, or anything that you frequently use into this open area. Most people use this feature a lot.

The are two adjustable length shoulder straps that are capable of a lifetime of use. Also there is a handle at the top of the bag that functions when you don't want to carry it on your back.

The burgundy firm leather pictured at the top of the page is no longer available.

Currently, the double buckle backpack is constructed of our softee cowhide with a leather lining. It has a very drapy, soothing feel. Touching this leather is a tranquil experience. The nude finish allows the full grain to be seen in its true natural beauty. We use a scotch guard like spray on it to help protect it from stains and water spots without ruining the wonderful touch of the leather.

The aniline dye penetrates the leather throughout. This means that if you skuff or scratch the bag, no uneven color will be exposed beneath the grain.

One of the best things about the softee cowhide is its light weight. This makes this large backpack very comfortable and easy to carry.

12" wide x 7" front to back(expandable) x 13" top to bottom

$395.00Colors:  Hardware: 
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