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Product Description

Pictured above is a Chrome Rope Snap Belt constructed of Medium Brown English Bridle.

Inset picture is of Black Caribiner with Black English Bridle

The Caribiner Belt uses distinctive hardware to set it apart from normal belts. I had the idea for this belt while watching mountain climbers practice their skills on one of those plastic mountains inside a rock climbing equipment store. The caribiner is such a perfect fastener. It is as easy and as quick as any buckle. It will never come loose unintentionally. If it can hold someone hanging on a rope to the side of a mountain, it can hold your pants up.

I have sold this belt to as many regular people as climbing enthusiasts. When I was in Manhattan, doing a show at the Lincoln Center, I had a Broadway scenery rigger fall in love with this belt. She returned later with a rigger friend---he bought one too.

The best selling configuration of this belt is with a chrome or brass rope snap. This is nautical hardware that is constructed with durability and ease of use in mind. It works as well as a belt buckle as it does rigging equipment on a sailboat.

Both styles of this belt use 5 leather loops instead of holes. If you tell me your pant size plus 2 inches, you will end up in the middle loop with two tighter and two looser loops. Choose below which fastening you want---black or green caribiner, solid brass or chrome rope snap.

The width of these belts is 1.5 inches.